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Current solution to the Anglophone Problem is a farce- Hon Wirba

Hon Joseph Wirba Mbidzenyuy, SDF Member of Parliament for Jakiri Special Constituency has described government’s current solutions to the Anglophone Problem that sparked the on-going crisis in the North West and South West region as a farce. The MP who returned from a pseudo exile last week, spoke to Equinoxe TV’s The Inside hosted by Nfor Hanson Nchanji on June 25.

He argued the solutions are a make believe and cosmetic, noting that minority English-speaking Cameroonians have reached a point of rebellion where they are rejecting everything offered by the central government.

The outspoken MP shared the school of thought that simply returning to a federal system of government as obtained before 1972 or seeking total independence for English-speaking Cameroon is not the magic solution. He suggested that for English-speaking Cameroonians to live in dignity and freedom, it is primordial that a platform for dialogue be created.

“I believe in us going back to the foundation as we came and discussed. We need to reflect and review our history. We need to sit on the table. Let the people decide” said he.

Apparently judging from a diplomatic dispatch sent on August 22, 1967 by French Consul Michel Moreux to the French Charge D’affaires in Yaounde, Hon Wirba noted that the objective from the beginning was to “Frenchify” Angophones. “This, we call slavery. It is a form of enslavement. Our people must end this…I have done my part and it is left to West Cameroonians to take it to the next level”he said.

Published on 28.04.2020

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