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Cyclone-ravaged Mozambique seeks $2.3b for reconstruction

Mozambique requires more than US$2.3 billion for post-disaster reconstruction in areas affected by two tropical storms that pummelled the country over the past two months, cabinet spokesperson Ana Comoana said on Tuesday.Comoana told journalists after a cabinet meeting that the funds are needed to finance the reconstruction of social, productive and other essential sectors that were affected by Cyclone Idai in March and Cyclone Kenneth in April.

She said the Mozambican authorities would present the request for funds during a donor conference set for next week in the port city of Beira, whose infrastructure was destroyed by Cyclone Idai.

“It will be great if we can get the amount in full. Otherwise we will have to make internal efforts to make the project feasible,” Comoana said.

The two tropical storms claimed hundreds of lives and caused extensive damage to infrastructure such as roads, bridges, schools, clinics, power lines and telecommunication facilities.

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