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Deadline for Presidential application expires today

Aspirants for the October 7 Presidential election have until midnight today to deposit their files at the various Elecam head offices.

In conformity with the electoral code, just few hours are left for potential candidates to drop their files and so far at least twelve candidates have dropped their files.

Thus, it would certainly be a busy day at Elecam today as the other candidates struggle to beat the deadline and drop their files. It is the case with the Univers party whose flag bearer Cabral Libii has invited his supporters to accompany him today at the Elecam head office to drop his file.

However, other major political actors have already made it clear they will not be on the starting blocks at the Presidential election. It is the case with the CPP’s Kah Walla, the Manidem’s Anicet Ekane, Bernard Djonga of the Crac as well as Yondo Black and Hilaire Kamga. Most of these leaders say the situation in the North West and South West Regions is not favourable to hold elections in the country.

After today’s deadline, Elecam will study the various files that have been dropped and have until August 05 to publish the official list for the election. Those whose files have not been retained have a maximum of ten days after the publication of the lists to appeal at the Constitutional Council.

List of Candidates who have deposited:

Paul Biya – CPDM

Akere Muna-FPD

Isaac Feuzeu-MERCI

Bertin Kisob-CP

Maurice Kamto-CRM

Boboro Bekono

Adamou Ndam Njoya-CDU

Joshua Osih-SDF

Engono Valentin-UCDI

Roger Chantal Tuile

Garga Haman Adji-ADD

Kune Ane Ihims-BIYA Party


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