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Death toll in rainstorm in Brazzaville rises to 20

Twenty people have lost their lives in the Brazzaville commune of Kintele, following a heavy rainstorm on Wednesday morning, the City Mayor, Stella Mensha Sassou N’Guesso, has announced.According to Sassou N’Guesso, 13 victims were struck by lightning that disintegrated EHV cables of the Electric Company of Congo (E2C) and were deposited at the morgue of the Talanguaï base hospital, located in the sixth arrondissement of Brazzaville and seven others were deposited at the municipal morgue of the Brazzaville hospital and university centre in the third arrondissement of Poto-poto.

APA reports that residents of Brazzaville are in the early stage of the implementation of the lockdown and curfew imposed by the country’s authorities to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Published on 28.04.2020

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