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Defence minister calls for calm as Boko Haram multiplies suicide bombings

Minister Beti Assomo in Mora(file photo) ©All rights reserved

The Nigeria-based Islamic terror group, Boko Haram carried out 15 suicide attacks in the Far North region within a period of ten days during which at least 11 people were killed. A handful of detonation of landmines were also recorded with human and material losses recorded.

The recent attacks prompted Joseph Beti Assomo, Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, to visit the Boko Haram attack-prone region over the weekend to reassure citizens and soldiers that measures are being taken to end the activities of the extremists in the region.

On the mission to Kolofata subdivision in the Mayo Sava division, Minister Assomo held a crisis meeting with administrative authorities and representative of the different arms of the military corps. He encouraged soldiers to intensify the fight against the extremists. He also called on citizens in the region to fight their fears and be calm as government has stepped up efforts to overcome Boko Haram.

Protesting soldiers sacked

He condemned the protests carried out on June 13 by some 32 disgruntled soldiers. He informed soldiers at the war front that their colleagues who carried out the street protests earlier this month are no longer considered part of Cameroon’s armed forces. He also noted that they have been handed over for trial by the military tribunal in Yaounde and urged soldiers to be more disciplined.

During the trip, the minister also visited the military hospital were 21 soldiers injured by landmine explosions are under medical attention. He also paid a visit to close ones of people killed in the recent attacks and extended the condolences of the Head of State to them. Before flying back to Yaounde, Minister Assomo communed with Muslims at the Maroua main Mosque as they celebrated the feast of Ramadam.

Published on 05.05.2023

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