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Detained Ambazonia leader wants UN intervention in Cameroon

The detained leader of the Ambazonia separatist movement Julius Ayuk Tabe has called on the intervention of the United Nations to help solve the crisis in Cameroon.

In his latest letter from jail, Julius Ayuk Tabe listed out a series of conditions to be met in the North West and South West regions before dialogue can hold.

Amongst these conditions, he called for a ceasefire, followed by the withdrawal of troops from the troubled regions, the withdrawal of civil servants from these regions, the release of all those arrested and detained as a result of the conflict and handed over to the UN for accountability.

He added that for dialogue to take place, it most be between the feuding parties on a neutral venue either in the Unitd States, Ethiopia or in Switzerland, for security reasons.

He stressed the need for the dialogue to be supervised by the United Nations as well as foreign observers like the United Kingdom, Ecowas, African Union, Ecowas, European Union and the Commonwealth.

However, the government of Cameroon has since stressed dialogue can hold on any topic except separation and secession.


Published on 05.05.2023

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