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Diaspora Organization Boosts Calls For Opposition Coalition

A group of diaspora-based civil society actors have joined calls on challengers of incumbent candidate Paul Biya to harness their forces behind a common candidate to increase their chances of victory.

The group, 237voteCAC or Cameroon Alliance for Coalition held simultaneous demonstrations, September 28, 2018 in Yaounde, Douala, Garoua and Ngaoundere to drum calls on the eight opposition candidates to pull their weight together.

“We have met and engaged all eight opposition candidates and their surrogates in all regions of Cameroon,” says Sylvie Bello, CAC partner and communication consultant.

She says all the candidates gave their verbal consent to the venture though up till the weekend, one week to the October 7 vote, that was yet to happen.

Bello said their organization was further bolstered in their campaign after reading an article by Franklin Sone Bayen titled “Opposition Alliance This Weekend Or No More” which, she said captured the essence of their campaign.

The article was published on websites and on social media only hours before their nationwide demonstrations. CAC, which launched it’s activities on September 7, 2018 immediately addressed letters delivered by hand to all opposition candidates.

CAC also posted the petition online. Their subsequent actions and activities to mobilize the electorate and the diaspora include community engagement and town halls. CAC is a network of 20 leaders experienced in previous similar roles across African countries including Senegal, the Gambia, Nigeria and Gabon.

Its co-directors are Emily Miki, Hamadou Musa and Tatiana Adamu.

*Franklin Sone Bayen is a journalist and political analyst.

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