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Doctors’ strike, senators scramble for positions steal Kenya press headlines

The Kenyan government’s warning to striking doctors and senators’ mad rush for more lucrative and powerful positions in August 8 general elections grabbed the attention of major dailies on Wednesday.“Doctors hit,” screamed the headline of the Standard newspaper which reported that the government has ordered all doctors to resume work and threatened to sack those who fail to heed the call.

“At the same time, the Sh600 million risk allowance awarded to the doctors has been withdrawn,” reported the daily.

“It’s end of the road in doctors pay talks,” reported the Daily Nation which pointed out that President Uhuru Kenyatta, backed by the country’s 47 governors on Tuesday decided to play hardball with the doctors after they rejected a salary deal negotiated by the country’s most senior clerics.

“The improved deal, which the President himself had agreed to on Monday night, is now withdrawn, the government has stopped all negotiations, the doctors’ union is at risk of being deregistered and the medics face disciplinary action for not attending to patients,” reported the daily.

“Senators abandon seats to go for MP, MCA and Governor,” reported the Star newspaper which pointed out that senators, who hoped they were an exalted Upper House, are abandoning the Senate in droves and making a mad dash for more lucrative and powerful positions.

“They leave behind power struggles with the National Assembly that seeks to curtail the enfeebled Senate and sap its already limited powers. At times there’s talk of scrapping the Senate altogether as a superfluous contributor to the ballooning wage bill,” reported the daily.

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