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Earthquake: Swazi experts rule out severe aftershocks

A mild tremor hit some parts of Swaziland on Monday night but officials believe that there will not be any severe aftershocks.The tremor, which lasted less than a minute, sent people into a state of shock just before 8pm (1800 GMT).

However, the National Geological Survey and Mines Department assured the nation on Tuesday that any aftershocks would not be severe in the country.

“The tremor was severe in South Africa and Mozambique where it was measured at a magnitude of 6.4 and a depth of 10km,” said an official from the department during a press conference in Mbabane.

Other sources of information revealed that the tremor was felt in Botswana about 131 km west of Moijabana in the evening on Monday.

The last time Swaziland experienced and earthquake was in May 2012 when it was measured at four on the Richter scale.

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