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Eco bank Cameroon launches mobile money app

Gwendoline Abunaw ©All rights reserved

Cameroon’s Eco bank has announced the launch of its digital app dubbed “Ecobank Mobile”. The application introduced since February 2017, enables customers to send and receive money instantly across 33 African countries.

According to Longo Manasse, electronic account manager of the Pan-African bank, users can also open a free digital account. The unique account, he explains, can be opened at any time instantly without having to provide a reference or document.

Meanwhile, Gwendoline Abunaw, Eco bank’s Cameroon new CEO, the app is an important step in the bank’s ambition to digitise the country’s banking system. “She said the financial institution is pleased to be the first bank to launch a digital product in Cameroon that also allows users to make purchases, transactions or trade without having to use cash.

Eco bank Cameroon has performed well for at least 2 years according to statistics. She managed to leave the 5th rank in the charts of the Cameroonian banks, to become the 4th bank of the country behind Afriland First Bank, Bicec, and Société Générale.

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