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Elecam finally unveils Senatorial aspirants

Elecam released the names of candidates vying for the senatorial elections (c)All rights reserved

The electoral body made public the list of candidates vying for the election of senators per constituency for the the elections scheduled for March 25.

Addressing the Press on Wednesday, the President of the Electoral Board, Enow Abrams Egbe said the files of 42 lists of candidates candidates submitted by none political parties for the elections.

However, 36 lists were retained after due examination by the Board in strcit repect of the law while five lists were rejected.

The Social Democratic Front withdrew its list in the Centre Region, Elecam said.

From the lists published, only the CPDM and NUDP parties will be competing in all ten regions of the country.

The battle will be highly contested in the littoral region where six parties will be fighting for the senatorial seats while only two parties will be contesting in the East region.

Surprisingly, the main opposition party, the SDF will be competing only in five regions of the country while the ANDP(o4 regions), CDU(02 regions), UPC(02 regions), FSNC(01 rerion), UDP (01 region) and UMS (01 region)  will all be on the starting blocks for the senatorials scheduled for March 25.

Political parties whose lists have been rejected have 48 hours to appeal to the constitutional council for re-examination.

Published on 28.04.2020

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