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Elecam Successfully Relaunches Registrations in Tombel

Registrations organised by Elecam

The national institution in charge of electoral operations is getting the inscription of potential voters as normalcy is regaining the town.

Activities are gradually going on normally in Tombel. The town of the Kupe Manengouba division in the South-West region is framed by an atmosphere of peace as the socio-political crisis rocking the region with that of the North West caused a shutdown of various activities causing the population to be scared.

With the regaining of peace, many people likely Ebeson Donaldson says for instance that the return to peace and new dynamism in the political leadership in the town has motivated him to return and register on the electoral list.
Besides this peaceful atmosphere, others like Bertrand Ewane are adding that their registration on electoral lists is because he wants to be part of the democratic process in choosing both local and national leaders in upcoming elections.

This situation, described as impressive by Elecam staff, Elections Cameroon, is also an outcome of the mobilization done by the different stakeholders of the electoral process.

This rush to registration is also caused by the invitation of local authorities as Kupe Muanenguba III CPDM section president (Cameroon People Democratic Movement), Mbulle Valantine declared recently, “we thus urge our militants of voting age to get themselves registered on the electoral list”. He went further saying that politics is a game of numbers whereby they are not only used against rivalry parties but equally for development purposes.

Published on 03.01.2023

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