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Ethiopia accuses “retreating TPLF of massacre”

The Ethiopian government Thursday claimed that retreating troops of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) massacred hundreds ethnic Amhara residents in Mycadra town in western Tigray region.TPLF special force and militia allegedly committed the genocide after they lost control of Humera town and its airport to the advancing Ethiopian federal troops.

Some social media outlets put the number of causalities due to the conflict to over 500. 

Disturbing images purportedly showing the bodies of victims have been trending on social media.

The alleged killing by TPLF militia has not been widely reported but leaders of the National Movement of Amhara said it may be out of hatred, despair or to instigate attacks on Tigreans outside the Tigray region.

The new head of Amhara regional state, Agegnehu Tesahger, issued a statement on Tuesday evening over the killings. 

“We are expecting that the federal government will disclose the details. TPLF forces have committed genocide on ethnic Amhara residents in Mykadri,” he was quoted as saying. 

The Amhara regional branch of the Prosperity Party issued a statement appearing to confirm reports of mass killing in Mykadra. 

The party believes that the killings should see perpetrators appear before the International Criminal Court. 

The regional branch of the party also said that the killings were intended to trigger a civil war in Ethiopia. 

Tweeting on Thursday, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said “The sun is setting for the [TPLF] junta”.

Published on 28.04.2020

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