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Ethiopia dismisses alleged attacks against Sudanese soldiers

Ethiopia has dismissed reports that its forces carried out attacks on Sudanese soldiers as baselessSome media outlets and individuals are circulating false and baseless allegations that Ethiopian forces attacked and killed Sudanese troops, Government Communication Service State Minister Selamawit Kassa said in a briefing.

Sudan Tribune recently reported that at least six Sudanese soldiers were killed during an attack by the Ethiopian army on the border strip on Saturday morning.

The state run media said heavy fighting erupted between Sudanese forces and Ethiopian troops that crossed the border at a depth of 17 km on Saturday.

Kassa said Ethiopian security forces have taken measures on TPLF forces who tried to infiltrate via Ethio-Sudan border and commit terrorist attacks.

The measure taken on the terrorist TPLF infiltrators has nothing to do with Sudan, she said, adding it is rather part of the survival campaign.

The minister urging entities that are making the baseless allegations to stop their activities which, she said, is designed to spoil long standing relations between Ethiopia and Sudan.

Ethiopia will continue working to strengthen diplomatic relations with Sudan, said Kassa.

Addis Ababa will also solve the current border dispute through peaceful means and in a manner that that takes the longstanding and historic people-to-people ties into account, according to state minister.


mm Published on 01.08.2022

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