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Ethiopia earns $866m from coffee export

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Ethiopia has earned $866 million from coffee export during the just concluded fiscal year that ended last Saturday, APA learns here on Wednesday.The country secured the revenue from the export of 221,000 tons of coffee mainly to Germany, Saudi Arabia, Japan, US, Belgium, Sudan and South Korea.

The Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Development and Marketing Authority in a statement said the country managed to achieve 92 percent of its targets.

Coffee production is a longstanding tradition in Ethiopia where Coffea Arabica, the coffee plant, originates.

The east African nation accounts for around 3% of the global coffee marketand generates 60% of foreign income of the country with an estimated 15 million of the population relying on some aspect of coffee production for their livelihood.

The authority hailed the performance as “a very great achievement” compared to the previous years’ performance.”

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