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Ethiopia embassy cautions its citizens in South Africa

Ethiopians living in South Africa have been urged to take the necessary precautions following incidents of violence and looting on businesses owned by foreigners.Monday’s caution came after the South African police detained about 150 Ethiopian nationals along with 600 other foreigners in skirmish between the security forces and traders at the Johannesburg Central  Business District,

The arrest reportedly came following a raid on illegal traders by the police.

The Ethiopian Embassy in South Africa advised Ethiopians to distance  themselves from any confrontation and conflict until the current  situation is stabilized.

It also advised them not to wear expensive jewelries and if possible, to close their shops, until peace is restored.

The Embassy also called on them to report any suspicious activity to  police or to contact the embassy using telephone numbers 012 346 42 57  and 012 346 29 47.

Reports said forty-one people have been arrested following looting and  torching of buildings and vehicles in the area of Jeppestown, which is close to the centre of the commercial hub, Johannesburg.

Published on 28.04.2020

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