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Ethiopia honors 118 in fight against “terror”

Ethiopia’s Tigray State on Friday honored 118 security officers in recognition of their outstanding bravery in thwarting planned terror attacks against the country.The government claimed that the self declared “Gonbot 7 terrorist group” from Eritrea had once again attempted terror attack which was foiled by security forces and local vigilantes.

“The awardees were able to foil attempts of 1,071 anti-peace forces to carry out attacks against Ethiopia after infiltrating via western Tigray zone from Eritrea,” Tekyou Meteko, deputy commander and head of security sector of zone explained.

He said that they were given the awards in recognitions for their contribution to exposing anti-peace forces and maintaining peace in the zone.

As a result of the joint efforts with the community, the insurgents were arrested while they were trying to enter the country through central Ethiopia.

Meanwhile, 1,085 insurgents engaged in leaking intelligence to the Eritrean government and commit criminal activities were also brought to justices in partnership with the residents of Tigray, he said.

The 118 individuals and security officers were given monetary prizes on top of recognizing their role in fighting terrorism.

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