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Ethiopia, Kenya poised to tackle border skirmishes

Ethiopia and Kenya through their joint border commission have agreed to establish a peace committee to resolve issues that could disturb peace and security of residents in border areas, the Foreign Affairs ministry in Addis Ababa disclosed on Saturday in a statement.The proposed peace committee will comprise officials of relevant government institutions, local administrators of border communities and elders from both countries, the statement said.

The 32nd Ethio-Kenya Joint Border Commission meeting has discussed border related issues for three days since Tuesday in Adama after sporadic disputes between their citizens living in such areas.

The three-day meeting also discussed political, socio-economic, peace and security issues across the shared border.

The meeting was concluded by the adoption of resolutions that enable them strengthen relations and resolve future conflicts.

The Ethio-Kenya Joint Border Commission is one of the oldest joint border commissions in the region dealing with border issues.

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