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Ethiopia: Nine charged with attempted arson on petrol stations

Police in Ethiopia have charged nine people with attempting to set alight seven fuel stations in the capital, Addis Ababa.According to the charge sheet seen by APA on Friday, the suspects were given the task of destroying the fuel stations located in German Square, around Chilalo Hotel, Addis Ababa Airport and other places in the capital via social media by terrorist groups operating outside the country.

The first defendant named Kinfu Mohammed was alleged to have led the other suspects who were recruited by himself from different parts of the country.

The suspects were apprehended last September while readying to commit the attack, the charge sheet at the Federal High Court in Addis Ababa reads.

The court will read the charges against the suspects on March 30 2017.

Early this month, the same court charged 76 individuals with acts of terrorism.

The defendants were alleged to be members of the self-declared Patriots Ginbot 7 Movement for Unity and Democracy which is involved in an armed struggle against the government.

Its fighters are based in neighbouring Eritrea.

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