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Ethiopia: Police discover mass grave with 74 bodies

Police in northern Ethiopia on Wednesday said they have discovered a mass grave with 74 bodies in the outskirts of Maikadra where the retreating forces of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) carried out an ethnic-based savage killing on November 9.Hundreds of thousands of ethnic Amhara people have been displaced over the past years due to human rights violations there against them by TPLF forces.

Local media reported that the bodies were recovered from Abnet and central mewucha (central exit) localities following an organized search operation.

A notorious security force in Mai-Kadra town along with Tigrayan youth known as Samari are accused of carrying out the killings with TPLF leadership currently cornered in Mekele city of Ethiopia’s Tigray region.

Residents of Maikadra who survived the massacre provided information about the mass grave and Amhara regional police recovered the bodies.

56 of the bodies reportedly were recovered from the same place while the remaining were recovered from nearby ponds .

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) on Tuesday released a preliminary report regarding the massacre and has confirmed that at least 600 residents of Maikadra were brutally massacred after the TPLF forces lost the war to the Ethiopian National Army. The number is expected to rise as more bodies are being recovered in different localities.

Published on 28.04.2020

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