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Ethiopia: Referendum okays new Sidama region

The final results of the referendum held on November 20 for the statehood of the Sidama zone showed that 97.7 percent of the electors voted for an autonomous self-rule, according to the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE).As Ethnic-Sidama nationalists won the referendum, Ethiopia’s new 10th region has now its own separate status.

The preliminary results released on November 23 were 98.51% in favor of the formation of a new regional state.

There were irregularities in 233 out of the total 1861 polling stations where the referendum was conducted, said NEBE in a statement on Thursday.

Accordingly, results of 164 polling stations were canceled. The results of the remaining polling stations had been upheld since the difference with the sum total was less than 10 votes, it added.

According to the Board, 2, 279,022 out of the 2, 304, 577 registered voters cast their ballots on November 20.

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