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Ethiopia to inform citizens while in close contact with COVID-19 patients

Ethiopia has launched two mobile applications that can help control spread of coronavirus pandemic in the country.The mobile applications were unveiled on Saturday by Ethiopian Public Health Institute in partnership with Ministry of Health and other stakeholders. 

The first mobile application tracks people and alerts them if they have been in close contact with someone infected with coronavirus.

The second mobile application will help to share uniform information among medical staff members who treat COVID-19 patients in same facility.

Users can use the applications (Debbo and COVID 19 Ethiopia) by downloading from Google Play Store and Official Website of Ethiopian Public Health Institute. 

Ethiopia has so far confirmed 1063 cases of COVID-19, discharged more than 200 patients and reported 8 deaths out of more than 105,000 total laboratory tests since mid March 2020.

The country’s testing capacity against COVID-19 has increased to more than 5000 per day from less 1000 two months ago.

The country’s Minister of Health, Dr Lia Tadesse said as part of the efforts to prevent the spread of the virus more than 700 teams of health experts were deployed across the country to hold contact tracing, besides a door-to-door screening and surveillance campaign

Published on 28.04.2020

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