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Ethiopian Air Force bombs military targets in Tigray’s capital

The Ethiopian Air Force Wednesday bombed military targets in the rebel held Mekelle, capital of Tigray regional state .The Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF)in a statement said the second day airstrikes targeted the Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s (TPLF) arms manufacturing and armament repair sites.

The ENDF’s surgical operations are aimed at destroying illegal caches of heavy weaponry and armaments at selected sites, ENDF said.


Ethiopian sources on social media, however, indicate that the targets were military training facilities in the outskirts of Mekelle near Mesobe Cement Factory and a military target near Planet Hotel.


This week TPLF forces made moves to control areas in South Wollo. On Sunday, they shelled civilian residential homes in Wuchale town, which is only 60 kilometers north of Dessie in Amhara region. At least thirty civilians were killed in the rebel attack.


Office of Spokesperson at Ethiopia’s  Foreign Affairs Ministry said TPLF continues its extrajudicial killings, looting and damaging property of the country in the occupied areas.

It adds that “the terrorist group has replicated its failure to safeguard the wellbeing of the people of Tigray through unabated attacks against the people of Amhara and Afar.”

The office also expressed government’s dismay over the reticence of the international community, including the European Union and the United States, in condemning TPLF.

It thus urges the international community “to support Ethiopia’s overtures for peace.”

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