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Ethiopian army wipes out unspecified number rebel troops-Military

The Ethiopian army killed an unspecified number of guards of the fugitive leaders of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and captured many others in an offensive they conducted last week, a senior military officer has said.Briefing journalists on Tuesday Lieutenant General Bacha Debele said the army carried out the offensive in eight fronts and used all war technologies and ammunition the nation could have to inflict heavy damage against the TPLF force.

He said the army defeated the TPLF force and pushed to the point where it can no longer exist as an organized force and smashed the front’s small military training camps in different locations of Tigray. 

According to the Lieutenant General, the rebel TPLF force had been hiding in Atsbi and Haikemsa, Desa, Wejerat, Bora, Tsigereda, Hawzen, Wukro Maray, and Zana and disrupting transportation of humanitarian assistance to the needy.

However, majority members of the force had been wiped out and many others have surrendered to the defense force.

The general said the there remnants have reached a point where they can no longer get organized or carry out banditry.

Published on 10.02.2021

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