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Ethiopia’s attempt to light millions of houses politicized-Official

Ethiopia’s humble attempt to light millions of houses and create hope for its citizens has been politicized before global bodies, the country’s senior official told UN conference.Speaking at the UN conference on Sunday, Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen said the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam – a hydroelectric dam project, fully financed by Ethiopians underwent a second-year filling even though it continues receiving unending threats.  

“Ironically, we are accused and threatened for drinking from our water.  On the matter of the Nile and the GERD, our confidence is in the might of the truth, wisdom and justice that has always defined our path for cooperation,” he said.

“The generational desire to use our natural resources will not be stopped by a colonial legacy and monopolistic cause; he said we hope our negotiating partners (Sudan and Egypt) are prepared for a win-win outcome under the African Union led process.

Mekonnen who is also minister foreign affairs of Ethiopia said “Ethiopia stands ready to avail bilateral mechanisms and diplomatic solutions to resolve the border dispute with Sudan.

“It is incumbent upon our two governments to work for peace for the sake of our people that have the strongest bond of fraternity,” he added.

His remarks coincided with the claim by the Sudanese army that it repulsed an attempt by Ethiopian army to retake disputed territories on the borderline between the two countries.

Published on 10.02.2021

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