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EU helps promote renewable energy use in Namibia

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The European Union (EU) on Wednesday gave N$7 million (€525 920) to the Namibia Red Cross Society to help in its efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change, and promote renewable energy use in rural Namibia.Namibia Red Cross Society (NRSC) has teamed up with the Spanish Red Cross to implement the ‘Promoting Renewable Energy for Climate Change Mitigation Initiatives in Namibia’ project.

NRSC secretary general Naemi Heita said they aim to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change in rural areas, by promoting the use of renewable energy-efficient technologies.
As part of the project, NRSC will facilitate the distribution of solar lamps to 200 households, construct 200 improved biomass cooking stoves, and install irrigation water pumps in 10 selected communities in the Kavango East and West regions, as well as in Zambezi region.
Speaking during the handover ceremony in Windhoek, EU Ambassador to Namibia Jana Hybášková said mitigation programmes on climate change are a priority for the European Union.
“Under the mitigation component, the EU is supporting Namibia to reduce the vulnerability of the rural population to the adverse impacts of climate change,” she said.

With only 45 percent of Namibians having access to electricity, Heita said with financial help from the EU, the project will target poor households and small-scale farmers “to increase the use of renewable forms of energy and energy-efficient technologies in their daily life”.


Published on 28.04.2020

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