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Ex-Botswana leader commended for role in Mozambique peace process

Visiting Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Tuesday commended former Botswana president Sir Ketumile Masire for “establishing bridges that restored confidence and trust among Mozambicans” due to his role as a member of an international team appointed to facilitate political dialogue in the country.Speaking at a press conference, Nyusi said Botswana has remained committed to the cause of consolidation of national unity, promotion of peace, strengthening democracy, social justice and respect for the rule of law, macroeconomic stability and diversification of relations with regional and international partners.

He said Mozambique has faced major political, economic and social challenges, arising from misunderstanding of a political nature that has led to violence and natural disasters, economic and financial constraints.

“These challenges include the suspension of direct support to the national budget by international cooperating partners,” he said.

All these combined factors, Nyusi said, have largely impacted on his country’s ability to maintain the growth rates that its economy has been experiencing over recent years.

“Despite this, I am pleased to share the on-going efforts intended to resuming growth of the economy to previous rates and towards normalising our relationship with international cooperating partners,” said Nyusi.

Published on 28.04.2020

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