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Ex-Botswana legislators decry ‘alarming levels’ of corruption

An association for former Botswana members of parliament on Wednesday expressed concern at what it termed “alarming and high levels” of corruption in the country.The Association of Former Members of Botswana Parliament, established on in September 2018 and comprising former members of the Botswana Parliament from various political parties, called upon Batswana to embrace the fight against corruption in all its forms across various sectors of the economy.

“Incidences of corruption seem to have literally spiralled out of control during the past 10 years,” the association said in a statement.

It also encouraged all citizens to give support to all government institutions tasked with investigating corruption in order to bring perpetrators to book.

“We believe that these institutions must be afforded the required resources and the necessary operational independence they need to be effective in their critical mission,” the statement said. 

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