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Ex-Ivorian First Lady recovers from Covid-19, resumes politics

The former Ivorian First Lady, Simone Ehivet Gbagbo who has recovered from Covid-19, after nearly two months of confinement, has resumed her political activities, APA learned on Tuesday in the country’s economic capital.“I tested positive and for almost two months, I was tethered by this disease, cut off from everyone and from all activities. The experience was tough, very tough, but the Lord Jesus, the God who heals, stayed by my side and literally pulled me out of the clutches of death,” Mrs. Gbagbo announced on her official Facebook account.

She went on to make everyone aware of the reality of this disease presenting it as a “three-headed hydra.” “Brothers and sisters, this disease really exists and it can kill,” former President Laurent Gbagbo’s wife stressed, announcing by the way her return to the Ivorian political scene.

“(…) The disease kept me away from the life of the country, the life of the party from all current political debates. For nearly two months, I had to lock myself up, to confine myself and concentrate on this violent but personal fight,” Mrs. Gbagbo said, assuring that “Today, I feel ready to get back in business”.

Published on 28.04.2020

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