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Experts recommend concerted efforts to promote peace in Cameroon

Experts in peace and conflict resolution say inclusive and concerted efforts are needed to help promote peace and social cohesion across the country.

During a workshop organised by the Nkafu Policy Institute to train peace advocates in Bamenda on Thursday November 5, the experts called for more action in order to build a strong society.

“We need to be serious in our actions for peace building …we need to go down to the communities and talk to people who are most affected by conflicts as well as give them practical ideas on peace building,” Mbeng Primus, lecturer and researcher at the University of Buea said.

He urged participants at the workshop^to first be at peace with themselves and their immediate surroundings before seeking to preaching peace in the community.

He stressed peace is a process which is constructed over time and urged the peace advocates to build trust with their local communities when trying to resolve a conflict and promote peace.

“I think this is a great opportunity given the prevailing situation in the North West and South West Regions. I hope leaving from here, we will work together as a team to find peaceful solutions to problems in our communities,”one of the peace advocates at the workshop said.

On his part, Dr Bokali Emile, lecturer of Political science at the University of Bamenda stressed on identifying the root causes of a conflict but proceeding to provide peaceful solutions.

To him, seeking for peaceful solutions also requires taking into consideration the sociological component of the community concerned in order to better channel the peace message across.


Published on 30.06.2022

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