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Experts seek ways to attain Universal Health coverage in Cameroon


Experts drawn from the health sector in Cameroon will come together in a round table discussion to seek ways in attaining universal health coverage in Cameroon.

Achieving Universal Health Coverage in Cameroon is almost a myth given that the 2019 public health budget is only about 1% of GDP  i.e., 4.29% of the annual budget and the health sector is classified by the World Health Organisation as having a critical shortage of qualified health personnel.

It is against this backdrop that a team of experts brought together by the Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation will propose policy prescriptions that if implemented can contribute to the provision of essential and quality health services and reduce impoverishment associated with payment for health services.

The the event that holds on Tuesday April 9 at the headquarters of the Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation in Yaounde,  has as objective to propose solutions through which Cameroon can accelerate its progress towards achieving Universal Health Coverage.

CNN hero nominee, Dr. George Bwelle, Prof. Mbacham Wilfred a well as other experts from the government and civil society make up the panel.


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