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Experts urge youths to embrace agriculture to improve Cameroon’s economy

Experts in the sector of agriculture have urged youths to be more involved in agriculture in order to help boost Cameroon’s economy.

According to World Bank Satistics, 60 percent of the Cameroonian population is made up of youths below 25 but researchers say this workforce is relatively unused because most young people find agriculture attractive.

Most young people have thus settled to move to urban areas leaving agricultural tasks behind for elderly persons.

It i sis this light that a forum was organised by the Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation to get youths more involved in the agricultural sector and contibute to its transformation while surmonting the challenges they can face in the process.

Loic Kamwa, an agricultural entrepreneur shared his experience, humbling beginnings and succes story  with the youths at the Denis and Lenora Foundation in Yaounde.

Specialised in maize cultivation, he urged youths to be daring, be visionaries and define the type of agriculture they want to do before getting into the business.

It was never a plain sail for Loic Kamwa who made several mistakes when he started back in 2014 as he ventured in mixed cultivation.

« I however realised I could get a market for maize as well as transform it for my livestock so I focused on maize cultivation, » Loic said as he encouraged the youths not to be afraid to fail at the first try.

Agriculture comes with its major challenges from fluctuating prices in the market to high cost of transportation from farm to market. But Loic Kamwa urged the youths to be able to add more value to their produce by transforming them to serve other sectors.

Before venturing into agriculture, it is necessary to do a market analysis to ensure the consumers are in need to the product to be cultivated, one of the panelists and agripreneur Audrey Tiageu warned the youths.

She also recommended farmers get into common initiative groups in order to better market their products.


Published on 28.04.2020

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