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Fear grips Buea populace as Police Commissioner is found dead

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The population of Buea, especially inhabitants of Bokwango in the South West Region of Cameroon, were yesterday, Tuesday, February 27, 2018, gripped by fear and consternation following the discovery of the mortal remains of a Police Commissioner.

Commissioner Enongene was found dead and his corpse in an advanced stage of decomposition in his living room at the Bokwango neighbourhood.

Speaking to reporters, the Landlady of the deceased, Justine Angayah said: “many people in the neighbourhood have been complaining about a strange odour for some time now. The odour became very intense yesterday and we decided to find out where the strong but very strange scent was coming from. Our search took us to the Commissioner’s apartment. It was then that we discovered that we have not seen the Police Commissioners for over two days now.  But we were not disturbed, given the present context in which we find ourselves in. We thought since the forces of law and order have been very busy, the Commissioner must have been sent out of town or he has been very busy for the past two days.  I then asked my son to call him. My son rang his phone several times, but he didn’t pick his call. We then invited element of the forces of law and order and Buea Municipal police who came and smashed open the door before discovering that the Police Commissioner is dead and in an advanced stage of decomposition,” the Landlady recounted.

After the discovering, a medical doctor was brought in to do preliminary investigation. From the Medic’s preliminary findings, the Police Commissioner died 48 hours before his corpse was discovered.

The mortal remains of the security officer were later ferried to the Buea Regional Hospital for an autopsy to be conducted on the corpse. The autopsy is to ascertain the real cause of the Commissioner’s death.


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