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Female Gendarmerie officer mars women’s day festivities in Kumba, kills motor bike rider

A female gendarmerie officer in Kumba, Meme Division of the South West Region, Thursday, March 8, 2018, marred commemorative activities marking the 33rd International Women’s Day, when she shot a motor bike rider to death at Buea Road, Kumba.

The female gendarmerie officer reportedly shot the biker for traversing the Gendarmerie Brigade Post at when the national anthem was being chanted by element of the forces of law and order and the national flag of Cameroon was being lowered down.

As has often been the case in strict military fashion, when the aforementioned exercise is being observed by the security operatives, circulation along the road is halted until the flag is either lowered or raised, depending on the hour of the day.

However on March 8, the bike rider wasn’t patient enough to wait for the gendarmes to go through their military rituals before traversing. As the rider tried to force his way through, the female officer first fired in the air twice to cause him to stop before aiming at him with her rifle.
The rider was rushed to the Kumba District Hospital by helpless onlookers, where he finally breathed his last.

Kumba denizens are becoming frustrated with the incessant killings of civilians by the forces of law and order, since the eruption of the Anglophone Crisis.

Speaking to reporters after the incident, Itoe Gerald retorted: “I don’t know where this country is heading to. Is a piece of cloth and a song composed by a human being like the one who has just been killed more sacred than human life? I think we need to start valuing human life in this country and don’t just waste it at our whims and caprices. The officer should have taken down the number of the bike rider and then punish him after for violating the law of the State. But she has just proven that we are living in a lawless State and should be severely punished.”

Published on 28.04.2020

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