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FIFA lifts suspension of Sudan football association

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FIFA on Thursday lifted the suspension that was imposed on the national football association of Sudan, following alleged government interference in the management of the country’s football association.In a statement, world football’s governing body said it took “the decision of lifting the suspension after Sudan’s prime minister Bakry Hussan Saleh issued a resolution suspending the decree of justice minister to evacuate the head office of Sudan football association, SFA, and the SFA board of directors with its president, Dr Mutasim Gaafar Sir Elkhatim, have been reinstated”.

Last April, a group backed by the government and led by Sudan’s former defence, Abdou-Alrahman Sar Algateem, declared a winner in an election of SFA despite FIFA gave orders to suspend it for three months.

One month later, Sudan’s Justice minister reportedly issued a decision ordering police to take over the head office before handing it over to the government group.

Following that development, FIFA had warned Sudan two weeks ago it would ban the SFA if the decision of the Justice minister was not declared “null or void “.

FIFA followed up by declaring officially the suspension of the SFA, which resulted in disqualification of three Sudanese teams which were participating in the Champions League and the Confederation Cup.

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