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Fighting rages on in Tripoli suburbs

Sporadic clashes have continued for the eighth day in the south of the Libyan capital Tripoli on Friday, leaving many residents fleeing the fighting.The fighting is between the Libyan National Army under the command of Khalifa Hafter and forces loyal to the internationally recognized government led by Fayez Serraj.

There was heavy gunfire on Thursday night into Friday morning in the suburbs of Wadi Rabei, Ain Zara and Gaser Ben Gasher, prompting residents to flee the area.

There has been no report of casualties.

The ministry responsible for displaced people said more than 30 families have been displaced since the hostilities began last week.

The two sides have been using heavy weapons and war jets to launch airstrikes targeting army and civilian locations south of Tripoli.

The spokesman of the Libyan army Ahmed Mesmari told a press conference on Thursday that Hafter’s forces are advancing in the direction of central Tripoli.

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