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Five Cameroonians arrested in Togo for attempted robbery

A gang of five Cameroonians including two soldiers accused of attempted robbery and illegal possession of arms are currently being detained by the Togolese national police, reports from media in Togo have confirmed.

According to iciLome, a Togolese owned website, the five suspects identified as Ewondjo Ele Serge, Omarou Abou Fadil (the two soldiers), N’Tanga Mongo Clement alias Tony, Amadjoba Aboubacar alias Ibrahim and Kameni Kevin aged between 21 and 32 were presented to the press Wednesday May 27.

They were arrested by the Togolese national judicial police on May 20 in Lome after they attempted to rob a businessman whose identity has not been revealed.

According to reports from Togo, the man managed to flee and alerted the national police which after carrying out investigations, arrested the aforementioned Cameroonians.

Reports further say while searching their residence, the Togolese national police found two automatic pistols, one having its charger filled with 6 cartridges of 9mm calibre.

After questioning, they admitted attempting to rob the said businessman but insisted they didn’t come to Togo to rob as advanced by the Togolese police.

“We were stranded in Togo after borders were closed due to the pandemic, I wish to note that we never came here with the intentions of committing any evil…” N’tanga Mongo, identified as the brain of the gang said.

“We had a single evil intention, we attempted to take away the man’s money, we didn’t want to take his car…” He added.

Published on 28.04.2020

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