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Flood displaces tens of thousands of people in southern Ethiopia

Flash flood displaced tens of thousands of people in Ethiopia’s SNNP region and a total of nearly 300,000 people are expected to be affected by flood this year, official has disclosed.Last  month floods hit the country’s Afar region and uprooted more than 100,000 people after heavy downpour and  overflow of the Awash River. The flood hit the region’s Asayita, Afambo,  Dubti and Mile districts worst. 

The latest flood in the SNNP region affected more than 62,000 semi-pastoralists in Dasenech district due to the overflow of the Omo River.

The flood also washed away thousands of livestocks and more than 60,000 displaced people are requiring urgent humanitarian assistance, Minister of Women, Children and Youth Filsan Abdullahi said on Sunday.

The minister visited the displaced people in Omo zone, SNNP regional state and urged all Ethiopians to nurture values of solidarity in good and bad times.

She further stressed the need to sustainably rehabilitate the displaced communities besides providing temporary emergency humanitarian support.

On the other hand, reports emerging on social media said that what has been done to rehabilitate so far is negligible compared to the magnitude of the damage.

Published on 28.04.2020

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