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Fokou plans to invest 25 billion FCFA in Gabon to meet Coca-Cola’s requirements

coca cola to be produced in Gabon by Fokou

To increase its production and meet the requirements of the Coca-Cola group, Sofavin plans to invest about 25 billion FCFA (40 million dollars) in Gabon by next year.


For the moment, the Gabonese subsidiary of Cameroonian Bernard Fokou claims to have already invested the sum of 20 million dollars (12.5 billion FCFA) in the framework of this partnership officialized a few weeks ago. “The remaining 20 million dollars will be invested during the year 2023,” said an executive of Sofavin, on June 17, during a meeting between representatives of the Coca-Cola group, the leaders of Sofavin, distributors and consumer associations.

These investments are made to strengthen the company’s production capacity, personnel and equipment. “Sofavin had to meet the quality standards of Coca-Cola. A lot of investments have been made in upgrading the factory to meet the quality requirements. Quality is very important to us. In Owendo, renovation and expansion of the factory are underway,” said Masall

‘Coca-Cola products will be produced here with our materials. We already have the necessary equipment, of course with the support of Coca-Cola. We will start with the production line that is already installed. Then, we will soon install a glass bottle factory. And for next year, we will have a packaging line for cans,” explained Mohamed Ali Jarraya, Deputy Director of Sofavin.

As for the staff, training is ongoing to master the production of the product that will be put on the market. In this context, Massoma Miete announced a technical immersion of Gabonese staff in Côte d’Ivoire in the coming days.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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