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Football: Uzbekistan Proves Prediction Wrong Beating Cameroon 2-0

cameroon Uzbekistan
cameroon Uzbekistan

During its friendly match which was played in South Korea on September 23, the Indomitable Lions missed their match rocked by a poor game team produced.

Rigobert Song said in a press conference that Cameroon is in an emergency period. However, this did not prevent him from trying a new line-up; an experimental 3-4-3 for Cameroon team. A game strategy is supposed to be offensive. But with Cameroon, the opposite happened as Rigobert Song‘s foals could never develop their game and get the balls out. A real paradox where the team shone more by its defensive withdrawal than forwards underway.
Cameroon’s defense side all through the game was taken from behind by Uzbeks who played a single touch of ball strategy forward with good coordination. Song’s experimental system with three defenders was always outplayed by daytime opponent assaults. Even Nicolas Nkoulou’s experience advocated by Rigobert Song was of no help as it was simply absent. And on the stimulus side, the defense missed out on its match; which also facilitated Uzbekistan’s second goal. No one was André Onana’s outings, the score would have been wider.
A situation not very surprising when you know that the 3-4-3 implies having geniuses in the midfield to break the lines and make quick transitions. The raises that were to rely on Georges Constant Mandjeck remained only a dream; the Cameroonian midfielder is not competitive at the club level and has little leg rhythm.
In a game system where you have to play on the side, the Lions have instead decided to center the game in the middle. To say that the technical supervision seems not to master this training. Not very surprising, the 3-4-3 is a system that relies on lively corridors with strong technical and offensive potential.
The midfielder of Cameroon throughout the meeting was constantly in need of a solution without a real creator in the midfield with approximate passes. Unable to release the game, the midfielders, wanting to delay the game too much, instead gave more opportunities to their opponents, being unable to keep the ball.
And the attackers, in particular Aboubakar Vincent or Moumi Ngamaleu, offered a little solution to their teammates and never knew how to create space in the opposing area. Aboubakar Vincent was conspicuous by his lack of anticipation with a concern for timing in his projections and anticipations. The captain of the Lions who probably thought that his role was limited to scoring only against the goal was only playing solo trying to shake the net.
However, as Karim Benzema, the best European player of the last season, said, “a striker who only thinks about the goal has understood nothing about football.” Even if he comes out of a match where he was transparent, we keep in mind his words to guarantee the successful participation of the Lions in the world, “we have nothing to envy to Brazil. Brazil does not scare us.” says Aboubakar Vincent.
Miami Ngamaleu, whose potential in terms of speed is known, wanted to bet on the physical. Except that his duels never went that far as his game was predictable by the Uzbek defenders.
Only Bryan Mbeumo was more willful and committed. He was able to combine technique and speed on the right and left flank to threaten the opposing defense. His percussion inside gave more opportunity to his teammates who unfortunately did not follow his game.
Bryan Mbeumo’s game in the first half was inspired by other players such as Kunde Malong, Jean Pierre Name, and George Nkoudou who made their entrance during the second half. They brought more desire and juice in the offensive game against Cameroon notwithstanding some technical waste
In the end, 90 minutes where the Lions could not get their claws out with a rough game and so many individual errors.The Lions’ next outing is scheduled for September 27. In a friendly match, they will play against South Korea.

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