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Foreigners banned from operating in 31 businesses in Swaziland

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The government of Swaziland has announced 31 types of businesses that have been reserved strictly for Swazi citizens only, APA learned on Thursday.

The list is contained in a proposed Reservation of Certain Trades and Businesses for Swazi Citizens Regulations 2017, which were tabled by the acting Minister of Commerce, Industry and Trade Phiwayinkhosi Mabuza in Parliament.
The businesses listed in the regulations include a dealer in household and proprietary, grocery, produce and handwork, private investigator, dealer or speculator in livestock, debt collector, street vendor and
funeral parlour, among others.
It appears that foreigners who are already in these businesses will not be affected, but only new entrants will not be granted licenses.
This latest development has been welcomed by the Federation of the Swazi Business Community (FESBC) headed by Hezekiel Mabuza, who said they have been lobbying for such policies for many decades.
“The previous regulations were unfavourable and had to be changed in order to improve local participation and ultimately the country’s economy,” he said.
Swazis have also expressed satisfaction at the move by government as they felt that the listed businesses required no specialized expertise, hence they should be reserved for Swazis only.

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