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Four Cameroonians drown at Port-Gentil Beach in Gabon

Over view Port Gentil Gabon (c) copyright

Four Cameroonians from the same family are reported to have drowned at Port Gentil Beach in neighbouring country Gabon last Sunday January 3.

According to reports, the victims identified as Ghislaine Wamba, Anderson Feudjio, Nasser  Ningha and Vidric Saneh were invited to Gabon by the elder brother to spend end of year feasts.

On Sunday January 3, they went to the Port-Gentil beach to have some fun.

Eyewitnesses say as they enjoyed the view, the youngest went far into the waters and very soon got himself dragged under by a strong current during tide.

Upon seeing him struggling with the waters from a far, his brothers are said to have rushed to his aid but unfortunately got dragged as well.

All four got drowned as nobody else ventured into the strong tide until the arrival of Gabonese rescue team who fished out their bodies.

This incident happens at a time when reports say the Gabonese Government has prohibited people from swimming at the beach due to the unsafe nature of the water during strong tide and much more to limit the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.


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