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France regrets ‘many Cameroonians were unable to express their choice’ at Presidential poll

France has lamented the fact that many Cameroonians, especially those in the North West and South West regions were unable to express their choice at the Presidential election that saw Paul Biya win with 71.28 percent of the votes.

France has taken the cue from Britain and the United States to react on the election in Cameroon as the congratulated Paul Biya for the victory.

“France offers President Biya its best wishes for success during his next term in fulfilling the legitimate aspirations of the Cameroonian people for security, prosperity, and the full expression of their freedoms,”the French foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The elections took place without many voters in the North West and South West regions of kCameroon who are fleeing as a result of the clashes between security forces and separatist fighters.

This led to a low voter turn in that part of the country which France says it deeply regret but praised Cameroonians for holding the election in a calm and serene atmosphere.

“We note with satisfaction that overall, the presidential election unfolded calmly. We call for this climate of calm to continue and for legal procedures to be respected should the results be contested,”the French foreign Ministry said.

“We regret, however, that many Cameroonians were unable to express their choice, especially in the northwest and southwest of the country.

“We reiterate our condemnation of the acts of violence committed in these regions and renew our call for an inclusive political dialogue, the only way to resolve a crisis that has been exacerbated over the past year and which has consequences for the populations concerned.

“Together with other partners, France – which values Cameroon’s stability and unity – naturally stands ready to support any dialogue process that could be instituted for this purpose.

“In this regard, France will continue to work with Cameroon, our friend and partner, to expand bilateral relations in every area. It will continue to support development in Cameroon that benefits the Cameroonian people.



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