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France Shows Interest In Cameroon’s Cultural Legacy

Led by Jean-Luc Martinez, head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the delegation has been on a cultural tourism tour of the Western region since last week.

Prestigious guests in the grassfield chieftaincies. This is what the people of the West region witnessed last week. It was a delegation of French dignitaries who decided to undergo a cultural tourism trip in this part of Cameroon. The trip has to with visiting the museums and other cultural sites of the people of the West. The delegation is led by Jean-Luc Martinez, French Ambassador in charge of international cooperation and heritage at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. At his side, Thierry Marchand, French Ambassador to Cameroon.

The first stopover was at the superior chieftaincies of Bapa, in the Hauts-Plateaux, and Batoufam, in Koung-khi. They then took the road to Foumban. Welcomed by the Sultan, King of the Bamouns, Mouhammed-Nabil Mforifum Mbombo Njoya, they were able to immerse themselves in the civilisation of the Bamoun people by visiting the new museum and the Nshare-Yen dynasty. This cultural trip ended with a trip at the Menoua division.

Published on 05.05.2023

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