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France to promote Nigeria’s visual arts – Official

France has said it would continue to partner with Nigeria to boost visual arts and the development of young talents, by providing the platform for young Nigerian artists at the international market.Ms. Damilola Ayodeji, Information Officer of the Embassy of France, said in Abuja that the embassy had therefore resolved to sponsor art exhibitions by a Lagos-based artist, Raji Bamidele.

The exhibition, she said, would be facilitated by the Institute Francais du Nigeria (IFN), the Embassy’s cultural arm dedicated to promote arts.

Bamidele is a “hyperrealism” artist known for his works that consider natural laws, mathematical, philosophical and scientific principles.

Damilola said: “New line of artworks produced by Bamidele will be exhibited at the International Institute for Creative Development (IICD-Centre), Abuja, in September.

“The art work titled: TI OJU RI: an inquest into the perception of distorted realities is a realistic drawing centred on themes ranging from man’s escapism and embracement to reality.”

“This is to create conversations that draw attention to subjective nature of focus, on how one’s mental and physical state has their definition, acceptance or rejection of what goes on around them,” she said.

She described Bamidele as a Silver member of the Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs (A.Y.E), whose works considered natural laws, mathematical, philosophical and scientific principles.

He is also the recipient of the Prix de la Jeune Création, a Young Talents Award from the French Embassy in Nigeria within the framework of the LIMCAF event.

According to her, Bamidele works were exhibited in art shows at the 2015 and 2017 editions of Life in My City Art Festival (LIMCAF), Omenka Gallery and Thought Pyramid Art Centre.

“There will be an art exhibition from September 7 to 14, at the IICD Centre to serve as his first solo exhibition,” she added.

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