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Francophone students reassured of hitch-free examination in NW, SW regions

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The number of candidates registered to sit the Probatoire and Baccalauréat (equivalents of GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels respectively) examinations this year stands at 359, 797. This represents an overall decrease of 961 candidates as opposed to last year.

Zacharie Mbatsogo, Director of the Cameroon Baccalaureate Board (OBC) told press yesterday that of the registered candidates, 285 539 were from general secondary education and 74 219 candidates are of the technical education. Last year the two sections had 285,352 and 73,406 candidates respectively.  “Everything is ready for the 2017 session to take place,”he pointed out.

It was revealed that the enrollment curve registered a downward trend, in the North West and South West regions with 1,679 candidates in 2017, as against 1,651 in 2016 (Northwest) and 2,107 students for this session, against 2,191 in 2016 (South-West).

The despite the drop in registration of candidates in the Anglophone regions, Zacharie Mbatsogo insisted the on-going protest in the regions did not affect students in the Francophone education sub-system. To him, parents are not supposed to be worried about the writing of the examinations in the English-speaking regions. “I assure you that candidates for the OBC examinations in English-speaking regions are prepared for their exams. They did not suffer the effects of the crisis in these regions. They went to school normally” he told reporters.

The OBC director’s claim, apparently, is based on the fact that the decline was also recorded in other regions of the country. Only the Far and North regions experienced an increase in the number of students enrolled to take both OBC examinations.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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