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Francophonie launches Covid solidarity fund for women

The International Organization of Francophonie on Thursday announced the launch of a solidarity fund for women and girls impacted by Covid-19.By Edouard Touré 

This initiative called “La Francophonie avec Elles,” will fund field activities by recognized actors in the French-speaking world, particularly in Africa, the Caribbean and Lebanon.

 In order to ensure the implementation of these measures, OIF will collaborate with local civil society organizations which will have, thanks to their experience and know-how in the field, a key role with women in the French-speaking world.

 “Whatever its outcome, this pandemic of such magnitude will have a lasting impact on the health and economic and social development of countries in the French-speaking world. The low-income and lower-middle-income francophone countries, which paradoxically are not the most affected by the health crisis, are those for which the economic consequences are likely to be the most serious. The most affected populations are first and foremost girls and women in vulnerable situations,” the OIF statement said.

 It added that the risk of seeing the precarious situation of women and girls worsen is all the greater since the majority of them are present in the informal sector and have little or no access to basic services, both public and private: health, education, training, citizenship, and savings.

 OIF said “yet as demonstrated by numerous studies, they are a major lever for mitigating crises, through their constant commitment to their families and their contribution to their basic needs”.


Published on 28.04.2020

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