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French diplomat dismisses Anglophone marginalisation claims

Philippe Larrieu discussing relations between Cmr and France (c)All rights reserved

France has always treated the English and French speaking parts of Cameroon equally since indepence and will continue to work for the country’s unity,  a diplomat at the French Embassy in Cameroon has said.

Philippe Larrieu, Minister Adviser at the Embassy of France was speaking on Wednesday at the Amphitheatre 250 of the International Relations Institute of Yaounde, IRIC where he gave a talk on bilateral relations between Cameroon and France  to students of the institution.

The France has been pointed an accusing finger on the current situation reigning in the two English-Speaking regions of Cameroon who took to the streets in November 2016 to protest againsnt what they term marginalisation from the Francophone dominated government purpotedly backed by the French

However, Philippe Larrieu used the opportunity to dismiss such claims stating clearly that France has never had any descrimination policies towards anglophones or any part of the country since it gained independence.

Minister Philippe Larrieu used the opportunity to review bilateral relations between both countries ranging from political, economic to security.

He reiterated France’s commitment in assisting Cameroon fight the Boko Haram terrorist group in the North of Cameroon as well as strengthen the military.

Cameroon has faced criticism from various international rights groups on the human rights situation in the country- an issue the French diplomat is well aware of and promised France’s support in helping the country improve on its record.

The controversial debate on abandoning the Francs CFA for a different currency was equally brought before the diplomat by students of IRIC.

According to Philippe Larieu, a common currency like the Franc CFA ensures stability in the sub region as opposed to each country adopting its currency which couls lead to inflation and financial instability around the region.

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