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Fru Ndi declares he will run for president in 2018

John Fru Ndi (file photo) ©All rights reserved

John Fru Ndi, Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, has declared he will run for president in the upcoming 2018 election if his party wants him to. He made the declaration July 5 on BBC Focus on Africa in London where he is on holiday.

Reminded that he could already be too old and tired for the business which he has been running for 26 years, he said: “We are talking about democracy. I am not like other political figures in Cameroon who become leaders for life by not organising electoral conventions. The SDF organises conventions where they vote the executives. So what is the benefit of my being at the helm of the party?”

The SDF chieftain suggested that it would not be a wise decision if he decides to hand over the SDF for someone else to run it. “In a budding democracy where you are fighting for the liberation of a people, you cannot hand over the baton in the middle of the ocean.” He said; noting that some freedom fighters fought longer than 26years.

During the program, Fru Ndi was equally asked whether it was okay for teachers and lawyers to go on strike. He said they had been pushed to the wall because “Mr Biya would dialogue with Boko Haram abductors but will not dialogue with teachers and lawyers to make them feel comfortable in the exercise of their duties.”

In the course of the program, he tacitly dodged a question on the counter productivity of the ongoing protests in the North West and South West region and rather took on so-called social media activists who have been criticising him lately. “Those people who have left a reasonable and just cause out of which something good could come out, and are rather criticising me, are people who have been bought over by the Biya government. I think we should sit on the table with the diaspora and decide what we want” said he.

Published on 05.05.2023

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