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G/Bissau’s Embalo appoints 32-member government

Guinea-Bissau Prime Minister, Nuno Gomes Nabiam, on Monday evening, released the list of his government of 32 members, including 19 ministries and 13 state secretariats, the Minister of Public Health is not yet appointed.The new team includes seven women, including four ministers and three secretaries of state. The deposed government of Aristides Gomes had 31 members with eleven women.

This government is also characterized by the presence of a PAIGC activist, Suzi Carla Barbosa, who is in charge of the portfolio of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Communities, a position she held in the government of Aristides Gomes.

The other noteworthy news is the return of Joao Aladje Fadia, an economist by training, and former National Director of the Central Bank of West Africa (BCEAO), who is appointed as Finance Ministry.

The majority of Cabinet is occupied by the members of the Movement for Democratic Change (MADEM) who had picked Embalo as their candidate for the presidential election; those of the Party for Social Renovation (PRS) and the partisans of the Assembly of the United People-Democratic Party of Guinea-Bissau (APU-PDGB).

Umaro Sissoco Embale won the December 29, 2019 runoff election with 53.55 percent of the vote, against 46.45 percent for his challenger, Domingos Simoes Pereira of PAIGC who still contests the election results.

Invested “symbolically” on February 27, President Embale appointed the next day, Nuno Gomes Nabiam as Prime Minister.

The new government of Guinea Bissau is composed as follows:


Mr. Mamadu Serifo Djaquite (MADEM-G15): Minister for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Parliamentary Affairs

Mr. Jorge Malu (PRS): Minister of Natural Resources and Energy

Mr. Jorge Mandinga (APU): Minister of Transport and Communications

Mr. Abel da Silva Gomes (MADEM-G15): Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

Mr. Victor Mandinga (MADEM-G15): Minister of Economy, Planning and Regional Integration

Mr. Joao Aladje Mamadú Fadie (independent): Minister of Finance

Mrs. Suzi Carla Barbosa (PAIGC): Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Communities

Mr. Botche Cande: Interior Minister

Mr. Fernando Mendonça (Cadogo): Minister of Justice

Mr. Sandji Fati (MADEM-G15): Minister of Defense and Freedom of the Country’s Combatants

Mr. Fernando Dias (PRS): Minister of Territorial Administration and Local Authorities

Mr. Malam Sambu (PRS): Minister of Fisheries

Mr. Antonio Artur Sanha (PRS): Minister of Trade and Industry

Mr. Arcenio Abdulai Jibrilo Balde (MADEM-G15): Minister of National Education and Higher Education

Mrs. Maria Celina Vieira (APU): Minister of Public Administration, Work, Employment and Social Security

Minister of Public Health (to be appointed)

Ms. Maria da Conceiçao Evora (MADEM-G15): Minister of Women, Family and Social Solidarity

Mr. Fidelis Forbs (MADEM-15): Minister of Public Works, Housing and Town Planning

Mr. Viriato Soares Cassama: Minister of the Environment and Biodiversity


State Secretariats:

Mrs. Dara Yurgan da Fonseca Ramos (MADEM-G15): State Secretary for Communities

Mr. Augusto Gomes (APU): State Secretary for International Cooperation

Mr. Florentino Fernando Dias (MADEM-G15): State Secretary for Youth and Sports

Mr. Jose Carlos Varela Cassimiro (MADEM-G15): State Secretary for Budgetary and Fiscal Affairs

Mr. Ilidio Vieira Te (PRS): State Secretary for the Treasury

Mrs. Cornelia Lopes Man (APU): State Secretary for Hospital Management

Mr. Garcia Bifa Bideta (APU): State Secretary for Higher Education and Scientific Research

Ms. Nhima Sisse (MADEM-G15): State Secretary for Tourism and Handicrafts

Mr. Mario Fambe (PRS): State Secretary for Public Order

Ms. Monica Buaro da Costa (PRS): State Secretary for Regional Planning and Regional Integration

Mr. Francelino Cunha (PRS): State Secretary for Culture

Mr. Conco Ture (MADEM-G15): State Secretary for Social Communication

Mr. Augusto Nhaga (RGB-M. BAFATA): State Secretary for National Freedom Fighters.

Published on 28.04.2020

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